At the beginning of a New Year, we all want to clean out and organize our homes and start with a clean slate.  The decorations are put away, and if you are like me – looking at many areas of my home that badly need some attention. It would be wonderful to go through our entire house, but realistically most of us don’t have the time.  These 3 target areas will make a huge impact to your living space, your frame of mind, and enjoyment of your home.

Home office.  With more of us conducting business in our houses, organizing your home office is essential.

  • Sort and pack up last years bills, papers, and purge what is not needed.  Use a file box, group together, label, and store it.
  • Have a system for your snail mail and papers: a recycle bin; a “ TO DO” basket, and a “TO FILE” basket.
  • Clear your desk off and only return items that 1) will be used on a daily basis, and 2) need to be within reach.

Tackle the garage.  Consider installing peg boards, bicycle racks and ceiling or wall mounted shelving to take items off the floor of the garage.  Organize into separate groups:  gardening tools, workshop tools, sports equipment, cleaning products, etc.

Organize your point of entry into the house.  Whether it’s a back, front or garage door, this area accumulates most of the shoes, backpacks, work bags, etc. from your family.  Use cubbies, hooks, baskets and shelving to give everything a home.  It will prevent much of the clutter from going throughout the house.

De-cluttering and organizing your home does not have to be an all day chore. As you have the time, pick an area and concentrate your efforts.  And don’t forget, as you’re tackling those areas – keep a box handy for Goodwill!

Photo from Home Storage Idea Book, by Joanne Kellar Bouknight