(While this may not seem to belong on a blog about turning a house into a home, I like including information that I feel is important to keep your family safe and happy and our pets are certainly important family members!!)


When I get home in the evening – I am greeted by my 2 dachshunds that are anxiously waiting to go for their walk.  I have to admit, even when I don’t feel up to it, how could I possibly disappoint them?  It’s usually dark outside this time of year – so I go through the ritual of putting on my reflective vest (only $4.35 at http://www.esafetysupplies.com/) and then I clip the safety lights to each dog’s harness (if that bothers your dog – I sometimes put it on my wrist)   Yes…you can definitely see us coming!

PLEASE take the time to put reflective gear on yourself and your dogs.  I am constantly amazed and aggravated at the clueless drivers who don’t slow down or move over in the road as they pass by.

I have found the best selection of reflective items are at the large sporting good stores and online.  The safety lights for the dogs that I use are actually ones that are sold to go around the wrist of a person – but work great for them as well when I attach it to their harness.

Ideally, try take your daily stroll when it’s light out – but if that’s not possible – please take these precautions to stay safe!

Scooter and Izzy

Scooter and Izzy