Guest RoomThe holiday season tends to bring house guests into our homes and it takes just a little preparation to make that extra bedroom truly a “guest room”.

* First, clean it up and de-clutter. Clear out what you may have been using as storage space, making room in the closet (along with nice hangers) for your guest’s clothing.

* Decorate! Oftentimes a guest room is the one of the last places to get paint and art on the walls. Now is the perfect time to give it a little extra attention.

* Provide crisp, clean, and coordinated linens for your overnight guests. Most discount stores have large selections of discontinued styles of designer sheets and lovely imported towels. A fluffy down comforter (actually a “down alternative” in case of allergies) will keep your guests cozy during chilly nights.

* Books & magazines (maybe even a book of crossword puzzles?) for their nighttime reading, a television, a few bottles of water, an alarm clock, a night light, and a power strip for their electronics.

* If space allows, include a comfortable chair and ottoman in the guest room to give them a place to relax and little privacy.

* In the guest bathroom include the essentials just like a hotel. A fresh bathrobe, plenty of towels, shampoo & conditioner, lotion, and a new toothbrush and toothpaste. (Put these items on the counter in plain site).

* A small vase of fresh flowers is a thoughtful touch to make your guests feel special. (Be careful of any strong scents since your visitors may be sensitive).

* Finally, prior to your guests’ visit, spend the night in your guest room and use the guest bath. You would be surprised of by what you might find! I did last week and discovered a slippery tub, a sluggish drain, and a poor reading light.

Most of all…enjoy opening your home and spending time with those you love. I’m excited about the house guests we have coming next week!